Career opportunities in business-to-business (B2B) tech sales are growing in Canada: 3 jobs to watch

Published March 3, 2023.


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In summary: 

  • In Canada, business-to-business (B2B) sales careers differ from careers in retail sales. They involve selling directly to a customer while B2B salespeople work for companies that sell goods and services to other companies. 
  • B2B sales is an excellent career choice for immigrants and refugees to Canada, especially, individuals with backgrounds in customer-facing occupations, such as hospitality, or those who have worked as servers, bartenders or as customer support workers as they have great transferable soft-skills.
  • Job prospects for B2B tech sales professionals are strong in most regions in Canada.

Entry-level careers for newcomers in Canada’s tech sector? The opportunities are growing. 

Business-to-business (B2B) tech sales is an expanding industry in many different parts of Canada offering rewarding career opportunities for immigrants and refugees with strong sales skills and a passion for technology.  

B2B tech sales involves selling technology solutions and services to other businesses, and it can be a lucrative field for those who are successful. With the increasing demand for technology in the workplace, B2B tech sales is becoming an essential component of many businesses' operations, making it a field with significant growth potential. A B2B tech sales role often connects people with software-as-a-service (SAAS) technology. What does this mean? Business communication software and inventory management software are examples of SAAS. Companies use these solutions and rely on B2B tech salespeople for answers to commerce questions. 

Immigrants and refugees with sales experience can find success in B2B tech sales, even if they do not have a technical background. In Canada, B2B tech sales is more about building strong client relationships and understanding the customer's needs than it is about technical knowledge. Sales professionals who can effectively communicate the benefits of technology solutions to their clients can excel in this field. 

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There are many opportunities for immigrants and refugees to enter the Canadian B2B tech sales industry. Companies in various industries, such as health care, finance and retail are looking for sales professionals who can sell technology solutions to their clients. Many companies also offer training and development programs for new hires to help them succeed. With the right skills and a willingness to learn, immigrants and refugees can find rewarding career opportunities in B2B tech sales and make a positive contribution to Canada's economy. 

The Windmill Microlending blog connected with the team at Palette Skills, a national upskilling and training provider that works with employers to help individuals across Canada to build their knowledge for careers in in-demand industries like B2B tech sales. They share three B2B tech sales jobs new Canadians can explore as they seek to establish their careers in their new country. 


Palette Skills

The team at Palette Skills outlines three B2B tech sales jobs for immigrants and refugees to consider in Canada. 


No. 1: Business or Sales Development Representative (BDR or SDR) 

Start your career in B2B tech sales as a Business Development Representative (BDR) or a Sales Development Representative (SDR). These roles are responsible for qualifying inbound leads, determining interest, emailing prospective customers and cold calling them. Expect to start with a base salary of up to $48,000 (Canadian dollars), although there are different compensation structures, with some tech sales firms emphasizing sales commissions that can substantially augment your base salary. 

No. 2: Account Executive (AE) 

When you are a proven closer or seller, you can become an Account Executive (AE) in B2B tech sales. An AE helps qualified and motivated customers through the buying process. This includes building relationships, giving product information and demos, even negotiating prices and contracts.  

No. 3: Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Account Manager (AM) 

The next level in B2B sales is Account Manager (AM) or Customer Success Manager (CSM). These positions pay an average of $54,000 for an AM and $60,000 for a CSM. The role of AM or CSM is a cross between a salesperson and a customer service representative. You are responsible for customers who have already purchased a product or service, so you’ll be helping customers learn and use the product. 

Professional training and certification 

As an immigrant or refugee, you may wish to consider a low-cost upskilling program like SalesCamp from Palette Skills. You could also research the value of a business management course, diploma or degree program. Remember there are online courses and even micro-credentials to build your skills in this area. Take advantage of specialized degrees or training related to the products or services you’ll be selling. Get up to speed with office software applications, especially presentation and spreadsheet software.  

You can also strengthen your skills by practicing public speaking, giving presentations and trying out new sales pitch ideas with friends and peers. Boost your product knowledge, practice your customer relationship management (CRM) techniques and strengthen your knowledge of customer research to boost your career potential in this growing field. YouTube and LinkedIn Learning can also be helpful resources in your tech sales professional development. 

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