How to Become an Early Childhood Educator in Canada

Published November 10, 2023.

If you love working with children and seeing them flourish in their educational journey, a career in early childhood education would be ideal for you. Highly skilled early childhood educators are urgently needed across the country. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to become an early childhood educator, the average salary that an early childhood educator earns and how a Windmill loan helps internationally-trained early childhood educators resume their careers in Canada. 

Early childhood educators work with young children in settings such as preschools, daycares and kindergartens. Their role is to support children in their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. They teach children through play-based activities such as storytelling, music and physical activity. Early childhood educators also need to observe children for signs of potential learning or behavioral issues and report their findings to parents or guardians. 

What is needed to become an early childhood educator in Canada? 

The following requirements are essential to work as an early childhood educator: 

  • You must have completed a recognized Early Childhood Education (ECE) program. This is required by most childcare facilities in Canada 
  • Practical experience working with young children is required by most regulatory bodies in the country 
  • You must have successfully passed a criminal record and background check, demonstrating that you are eligible to work with young children 
  • Licensing or certification by a provincial or territorial association is a key step. Learn more about this process here. 
  • You must maintain your certification in the province you’re living in by regularly taking professional development courses. These courses can be accessed online or in-person. Read more about various career development opportunities for early childhood educators here. 

What is the average salary for an early childhood educator in Canada? 

The average salary is $39,975 per year or $20.50 per hour. Experienced early childhood educators can earn up to $48,007 per annum. 

Return to your career as an early childhood educator with a Windmill loan 

If you’re an internationally-trained early childhood educator, there are different education pathways you can explore to get licensed in Canada. Your first step is to check that your education and certifications are recognized in Canada. World Education Services is an organization that can assess your credentials and determine if they meet Canadian standards. If you need to upskill by taking an early childhood education program or by getting licensed in a specific province, a Windmill loan can help you pay for these costs. 

We offer low-interest microloans to skilled newcomers with permanent status. Learn more about how our loans can help you become an early childhood educator in Canada. 

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