STEM Careers in Canada

Published September 12, 2023.

The STEM sector is growing in Canada – lots of exciting job opportunities are available across the country. There are many different career paths that a newcomer can embark on within the STEM sector. In this blog, we’ll discuss what STEM stands for and examples of roles that fall under that STEM category. We will also share some expert advice that STEM professionals have for newcomers to Canada. 

What does STEM stand for? 

The acronym STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The STEM sector has grown rapidly in recent years and the IRCC have responded to this growth by issuing the first-ever Express Entry invitations for skilled newcomers with STEM experience. The government hopes that these invitations will help alleviate labour shortages in the STEM sector and help Canada stay on track with economic and technological objectives. There has never been a better time for newcomers with STEM expertise to grow their careers in Canada.

What kinds of jobs are available in the STEM Job sector? 

Data scientists, software engineers, mathematicians, statisticians, actuaries and electrical engineers are just some of the many roles within the STEM sector. The government hopes that offering category-based invitations to skilled newcomers in STEM will enhance Canada’s global competitiveness in the technological space. Trends are always changing and attracting talent from all over the world helps foster an environment for long-term economic growth. The first occupation-based Express Entry draw for candidates in STEM took place on July 5 2023.  

Advice for newcomers in STEM Career 

Research shows that immigrants are more innovative because they’ve taken the risk of relocating to a new country in search of career advancement and a new way of life. STEM professionals have strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills and these skills are very attractive to Canadian employers.  

Newcomers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical fields have never been more in demand. The federal government is prioritizing investment in STEM innovation which means there will be even more career opportunities ahead for those with STEM experience to leverage.   

Clotilde Ribaut, a PhD and Administrator of the International Research Program at the University of Ottawa, states that newcomers with a STEM qualification can look into opportunities with the federal government. More newcomer advice from Clotilde and other STEM experts is available here 

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